Thursday, April 24, 2014

Curating Content through Prediction Markets and Network Tokens

And now for something completely different: Below I describe an idea I had to use prediction markets and self-issued currencies (network tokens or appcoins) as a way of curating content. Any feedback on this idea is much appreciated (please note that stealing the idea and actually turning it into a product is the best kind of feedback!)


Curating Content via Prediction Markets and Network Tokens

As a content curator (e.g. Reddit) and/or publisher (e.g. the Let's Talk Bitcoin network) you want to provide your audience with those articles, videos, podcasts etc that they are most likely to appreciate, and you want that content to be delivered to them fast and in an easy-to-find way. 

This project proposes to use a combination of prediction markets and self-issued network tokens (e.g. to solve two main problems that a curator and/or publisher of content has to deal with in accomplishing these goals:

1. the prevention or minimization of content being submitted that does not meet minimum standards

2. the incentivization, in proportion to its expected and actual popularity, of the production, selection and promotion of original content AND of the selection and promotion of content that already exists elsewhere on the web